Sweet Caroline

Where’s your home
Miss Born-to-Roam
Is it the city?

Or by a stream
Of broken dreams
Cool and pretty?

You talk of stars
And work in bars
And laugh for drunks that aren’t witty

You never flee
The broken streets
Can’t come clean
Always gritty

Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline

Your talk it weaves
Is never cheap
Is always wasted

‘Cause no one deals
And no one feels
Till every pleasure
Has been tasted

It’s hard to shake
This cloud of flakes
Who despise being bested

Watch your heels
And check the deals
And keep your heart unmolested

Sweet Caroline
Sweet Caroline

They come in swarms
And suck the charms
From your body

My advice
Is listen twice
And trust those
Who don’t need your money

There is no truth
Nothing to prove
When last call
Sounds its warning

Just the drive home
Maybe alone
And then the morning

Texas Musician, Painter, and Artist