2 thoughts on “My Day 2 Austin City Limits (ACL) Recap”

  1. Austin City Limits was such a fun event! Just moved to Austin, so it was my first ACL.. what a blast. I like how you used Storify to curate tweets for the event, also consider using my Austin-based company that does something very similar: Keepstream.com. It’s not quite as developed / far along as Storify, but it’s slowly getting better and better with more parity. Hope you enjoyed ACL, cheers!

    1. Hi Tim,

      Welcome to Austin! ACL was great–the weather cooperated fully this year. Thanks for your comment and for letting me know about keepstream.com–I had not heard about you guys but I look forward to checking the website out. Social media curation has many interesting possibilities.

      I am always looking for better ways to tell stories and I like to support local businesses whenever possible. I saw that Robert Scoble uses keepstream. I enjoy his blog. Thanks again for your comment. I’ll see you on Twitter.

      All the best,

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