Alice (Headed For Wonderland): 52 Songs In 52 Weeks — Song #1

This is the first song in a series I have optimistically called “52 songs in 52 weeks.” My goal is to write and record a song a week for a year. Each demo will be a free download for a few days, and then available for sale after that.

I wrote “Alice (Headed For Wonderland)” on January 12 and 13.  The recording is from January 13, 2014.

Alice (Headed For Wonderland)
Last time I saw Alice
She was headed for Wonderland
I was between places
Resting my head on the sand

Watching the airships glimmer in the sky
And counting the barges chugging by

She could hold all of summer
She just opened up her hands
She gave me a keepsake
Winking, “I’ll see you when I can.”

Boy, I’m sailing away on a merchant ship
From the harbor soon she and I will slip

Would you care for some company there at sea?
Cause I could come with you wherever that might be
Alice shook her head laughing
Her hair fell long and free
She said this in parting, “I may yet send for thee.”

Now she’s over the waves of the flintlock sea
Headed for Wonderland is she