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Tunecore 2.0 has new features, costs more

Tunecore announced new features and a price increase today (branding their effort “Tunecore 2.0”) on their blog at: The Launch of TuneCore 2.0: The 34 Improvements, Three Years in the Making.

Digital Music News (DMN) has an article about Tunecore 2.0 titled
Don’t Worry, Tunecore Says the Massive Price Hike Is Worth It…

Also, DMN figures that The Average TuneCore Artist Makes $179 a Year….

Would you be more inclined/less inclined to use Tunecore because of the new features? Who do you use for digital distribution now? If you use Tunecore now, are you considering switching?

Flashback Friday: ‘Sugar on Sunday’ by The Clique

The Clique were a 1960s Texas band. “Sugar on Sunday” is a cover of a Tommy James song and reached the Top 40. The B-side for “Sugar on Sunday” is “Superman,” which was later covered by REM. Their last performance was in 1972, according to the Houston Chronicle Blog Handstamp

The Clique in the ’70s: Jerry Cope, from left, Sid Templeton, Randy Shaw, Oscar Houchins, Tommy Pena and David Dunham.