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“Warship” and “All These Rumors (Have Me Singing The Blues)”: Songs #21 and #22

I had the great fortune to get to know and write music with two very talented songwriters from Helsinki, Finland this week at The House of Songs.

On November 30, Jere Ijäs and I co-wrote “Warship” — or “Warsheep” as we prefer to call it. On December 6, Jussu Pöyhönen and I co-wrote “All These Rumors (Have Me Singing The Blues).” Here’s a photo of them performing together at the House of Songs Showcase on December 3. Jere invited me up to join him on stage and we performed the world premiere of “Warship.”

Jere Ijäs-Jussu Pöyhönen

Thanks to you both, and as always, thanks to The House of Songs for making it all possible.

These co-writes are the 21st and 22nd songs in my songwriting challenge “52 Songs In 52 Weeks.”