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Video: ‘Bassoforte’ by Diego Stocco

In this video, Diego Stocco re-purposes the keyboard of the dismantled piano that he keeps in the garden and builds a new instrument by combining it with some other parts he had laying around.

Diego writes:

I ended up with this mechanical hybrid thing I thought to call “Bassoforte” (bass + pianoforte). The neck is from a broken electric bass, as a bridge I used a cabinet handle, the pickups are from a guitar, and the part at the top where the strings are attached is a chimney cap, which works as resonator as well as percussive sound. The track I created is a tribute to my Dad who is a big fan of Western comic books and “spaghetti western” films, and because of him I am too.

Diego Stocco’s website
You can buy the song on Diego’s Bandcamp page
He also has a gallery with a longer video, pictures, and more detailed descriptions here

Hat tip to my Dad for sharing this with me.