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The week the Internet got fast

Google goes Instant

The last several days have been interesting. Google went instant.

My first impression is that Google Instant favors whatever is most popular or whomever has paid money Google to be first on the list. Maybe this will spur consumer spending. If so, thanks Google. The economy could use the help.

Instant degrees of separation

Google Instant creates a new degrees of separation opportunity for those that figure it out (hat tip to David Holmes). It also places several degrees of separation and distraction between whatever is au courant and you. If you buy into the concept that the attention span of computer users is shrinking or that folks become more easily distracted, let me know in the comments section.

Google Instant spurs rapid innovation

Change came quickly to the Interwebs.

First there was YouTube Instant by Feross Aboukhadijeh. I think this may be the most disruptive of the sites because it works so seamlessly. (This site needs to offer a pause button on the main video window so that once you have committed to viewing a video that video can load appropriately on slower connections). Mr. Aboukhadijeh has received a job offer from YouTube’s CEO via Twitter for his efforts.

Next, Michael Hart created Google Maps Instant. I don’t bother to go to Google’s official site anymore if I just need a quick look up. I rate this as disruptive.

Today, a friend sent me iTunes Instant. iTunes Instant doesn’t play the music automatically. If it did, it could become a music discovery engine. I would like to see this concept fleshed out.

What I would like to see — Instant Music Discovery

I would like an Instant Music Discovery web page that scrubs a variety of sites like CDBaby, Bandcamp, MySpace, ReverbNation, TopSpin,, etc. I’d also like to be able to like or dislike something (like Pandora) to refine my search. If programming is your passion and you develop something cool, let me know.

As always, thank you for stopping by. You’ve got a world of choices and I appreciate you spending time with me.

Video: ‘Stil Leven’ or ‘Still Life’ by Goslink

I dig this promo movie for the album ‘Stil Leven’ (or ‘Still Life’) by Dutchman Goslink Harm Kuiper. In the video, he shows a wide variety of instruments that he has built. You get to hear some of the album and see part of a live performance.

Goslink’s website in Dutch
Goslink’s website translated into English via Google Translate

Hat tip to my Dad for sharing this with me.