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Four-track Demo: America’s Sleeping (All We Want Is Our Freedom)

About Eric’s four-track demos: “America’s Sleeping (All We Want Is Our Freedom)” was recorded in April 1998. This song was recorded on a four-track, analog, cassette tape machine. The song has been cleaned up using Avid Pro Tools and Audacity. No new takes or instrumentation were added to the original work.

Lyrics for America’s Sleeping (All We Want Is Our Freedom) are available here.

Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet discuss the importance and purity of demos

Alejandro Escovedo just posted this video on Facebook. He and Chuck Prophet discuss the importance and purity of demos, an Austin icestorm, and the thrill of writing a new song (plus the video weaves in a running joke about a former manager who always expected a little more from them).

Some of the take away quotes from the video are:

    “There is always something about the demos that are better.” — Prophet
    “And we ended up going to France and spending five days trapped…” — Escovedo
    “They put us in a little cottage.” — Prophet
    “The demos are my favorite recordings of the songs really.” — Escovedo
    “They’ll never be that pure again.” — Prophet

Chuck and Alejandro – Demos from remedy editorial on Vimeo.

Video: ‘Stil Leven’ or ‘Still Life’ by Goslink

I dig this promo movie for the album ‘Stil Leven’ (or ‘Still Life’) by Dutchman Goslink Harm Kuiper. In the video, he shows a wide variety of instruments that he has built. You get to hear some of the album and see part of a live performance.

Goslink’s website in Dutch
Goslink’s website translated into English via Google Translate

Hat tip to my Dad for sharing this with me.

Video: ‘Bassoforte’ by Diego Stocco

In this video, Diego Stocco re-purposes the keyboard of the dismantled piano that he keeps in the garden and builds a new instrument by combining it with some other parts he had laying around.

Diego writes:

I ended up with this mechanical hybrid thing I thought to call “Bassoforte” (bass + pianoforte). The neck is from a broken electric bass, as a bridge I used a cabinet handle, the pickups are from a guitar, and the part at the top where the strings are attached is a chimney cap, which works as resonator as well as percussive sound. The track I created is a tribute to my Dad who is a big fan of Western comic books and “spaghetti western” films, and because of him I am too.

Diego Stocco’s website
You can buy the song on Diego’s Bandcamp page
He also has a gallery with a longer video, pictures, and more detailed descriptions here

Hat tip to my Dad for sharing this with me.

Video: What do you do when the band breaks up? iPad Band to the rescue.

Geoff Kaiser (Geoff has played keys live for Eric Beverly and the Sunday Best) put together this cool video showing ways to use the iPad to create music. Check it out. Geoff writes: “The band broke up? It’s OK, I’ve still got my iPad…! This band can play any style.”

Click here to see Geoff playing keys with Eric Beverly and the Sunday Best.